ACP closer to customers with reliable financial support

To face the markets turbulence and the Commercial Banks cash flow crisis, which are creating a general credit crunch, our Company offers, along with the best Technology and unbeatable Commercial solutions, some useful and interesting financial proposals. Thanks to that we can accelerate timings and positive financial coverage of our customer's industrial strategies.

Below, a brief presentation of one of these proposals, successfully experimented, as an example, to allow our customers to bring forward their expansion plans reducing their recourse to the bank system.

The proposal consists mainly in equipment supply operation with 5-7 years deferred credit payment without bank Guarantee and therefore "corporate risk". A Guarantee is provided, for example, by SACE (Italian Export Credit Agency) one of the leading actors in credit management.

SACE offers insurance cover (Credit risks, for the partial or total failure by the debtor to fulfil its payment obligations) in more than 155 countries and at present insures commercial transactions and financing world-wide for an overall value of approximately € 37 billion.

It is a condition that the Buyer must pay at least 15% of the total contract value in cash (v.i.z. 10% down payment against Advance Payment Bank Guarantee, 5% at sight by L/C against shipping documents) following the international rules for Export Credit Agencies.

The percentage of coverage of the balance (maximum 85%) is in a range from 70% to 90% of the deferred payment. About interest rate to be paid by the Buyer, the minimum interest rates (Commercial Interest Reference Rates = CIRR) are established monthly by the OECD for the different currencies. The applicable CIRR is fixed on the basis of the quotation of medium and long term rates and remains fixed for the whole life of the export credit. Actual CIRR interest rate for 5 years financing in Euro is less 4%.

We have a long and positive personal relationship with this agency and thanks to many successful joint operations we recommend them to each.

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